1. You are welcomed to submit pictures  that you have taken  before the contest. What matters is that the pictures should be uploaded during the period of the contest. The contest starts at  1st  October 2021 (00:01 Greek time) and ends the 31st October 2021 (23:59 Greek time).
  2. To upload a photo you need to have an account on Wikimedia Common, Wikipedia or other project of Wikimedia. If you don’t have, creat one.
  3. All the pictures should be self taken and self uploaded. Photos uploaded by anyone else than the author (even with permission) are not accepted.
  4. Anyone, except the members of the jury, can participate to the contest  competing for a prize.
  5. The pictures should be uploaded under a free license, preferably under the terms of  CC BY-SA 4.0
  6. There is no limit  of the number of  pictures or the monuments sites that a participant can upload.
  7. The pictures should illustrate a specific monument from the relevant list, and must include the relevant id. Pictures of monuments that are not in this list are welcomed but will be considered as ineligible. The pictures should illustrate the monument in informative/encyclopedic way rather than being only beautiful.
  8. Every picture
    1. should have at a minimum 3 megapixels resolution, and
    2. not have visible watermarks or signatures.
    3. are not result of heavy digital manipulation and don’t have elements not existing on site at the time of the photoshoot.
    4. It ‘s allowed though the participation of pictures that have been taken with black and white film or scanned pictures (for older pictures that have been taken with film and as long as they have the proper resolution).
  9. A participant should have an activated e-mail address to receive messages from other users via Preferences  of his/her account on Commons.
  10. The award must be received no later that two months after the announcement of the results.